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Let's make access to education not a matter of money

Welcome to Blindle

Your device when it's time to learn Braille

Open Source

All the information related to the
proyect is located in Github open to Anyone.

Do It Yourself

The idea behind Blindle is that any person with technical knowlegde could build one.


Dot Matrix 

The heart of Blindle is a Matrix of points, which represents words written in Braille.

Human Voice

Blindle comunicates with you via voice messages in spanish (english could be an improve!).

¿What can you do with Blindle?

Learn to read

Blindle can represent words in Braille due to its Dot Matrix, and at the same time reproduce the word.

Write freely

With Blindle you can write everything you want in Braille, feel each letter and in the end save it into an external device.

Test your skills

Blindle will ask you to write a word, after writing it will check it was correct or not.


Build your own Blindle


Contains the logic to control the stepper motors given a word.


Manage the input from the user and the differents operation modes.


Circuit diagram where you can see the interaction between the electronic components.


All the 3D necessary models to build your own Blindle.

Participations in Events and Competitions

Fortunately the project was selected to participate in the following events.



Fair held by the UNLaM in which the technological developments made by teachers and students of the Department of Engineering and Technological Research will be exhibited.


Conaiisi 2017

The main objective of the Congress is to have, within the RIISIC network, a space that facilitates the dissemination of research activities of teachers and students of Computer Engineering / Information Systems.


Makers in Garage

Incubator of projects with annual startup acceleration programs. It seeks to empower innovative technology entrepreneurs in Latin America and help them reach their full potential.

¿Who we are?

Joaquin Fontana

Emanuel Suriano

Esteban Barrett

Santiago Canti

More Information

If you want to participate in the construction of Blindle you can contact us through one of our social networks. At the same time, being an open source project we are open to changes in our repositories of GitHub through Pull Request in any of the projects.


To get news of the progress of the project.

Contact us